No…Ratifying CEDAW is not about unisex bathrooms and ending Mothers’ Day

Posted on | December 7, 2011 by Lisa Correnti |

I just read an op-ed by Linda Tarr-Whelan, calling for the U.S. to ratify CEDAW. Whelan is a former U.S. ambassador to U.N. Commission on the Status of Women during the Clinton administration.

Whelan used a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt, who said America must be “the best possible mirror of democracy” since “the people of the world watch us to see what we are going to do and how well we can do it,” and contends that the United States cannot be that until we ratify CEDWA – the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women. Whelan writes that countries watch “U.S. leaders talk a firm line on women, but the words can be ignored because we do not subscribe to CEDAW.”

Well, has Whelan ever heard of the U.S. Constitution? The citizens of the U.S. do not need an international treaty to guarantee them equal rights. We already have that protection guaranteed to us in the fourteenth amendment.

Whelan feels what has prevented ratification by the U.S. is “half-truths, scare tactics, old myths, stereotypes and downright misrepresentations” – continuing with, “[r]atification of CEDAW will not automatically change U.S. law, will not mean unisex bathrooms, nor will it mean the end of Mothers’ Day.

Well she’s right there, but its time to elevate the discussion a bit to what CEDAW can do.

CEDAW is an instrument used by pro-abortion feminists to legalize abortion across the globe. The CEDAW “compliance committee” which carries no legal authority has told over 90 countries that they must “legalize abortion or further liberalize their abortion laws. We have already seen abortion laws change in Columbia due to their ratification of CEDAW when their high court “struck down their laws against abortion based on CEDAW.”

I encourage you all to read a C-FAM Staff publication prepared by our own Susan Yoshihara to learn more on the dangers of this treaty. Susan is C-FAM’s Senior Vice President for Research.



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