Targeting Young Girls in Costa Rica

Posted on | May 17, 2011 by Tyler Ament |

A friend of ours from Costa Rica sent us some recent advertising that targets young ticas for early sexualization and implicitly, for abortion. The posters are significant in international terms because they push a reproductive health services agenda under the guise of the MDGs, while no such agreed upon support really exists in MDG 5. The poster (below) depicts a young boy and a young girl with a condom umbrella, proclaiming that “we all have the right to reproductive health services, free from discrimination, prejudice, and beliefs,” with raindrops falling on the somber couple. The second poster transforms the somber condom umbrella into a net on a sunny day, metaphorically capturing the stork that has brought one of those pesky little humans along, proclaiming “it’s [right to RH services] no fairytale, it’s my right to decide when to get pregnant.” The boy has disappeared from the picture, and the message is clear: Children, the natural consequence of sexual activity, are a roadblock to your rights, instead of a beautiful gift that springs out of the love of two people.

The organization which is running the campaign, entitled “Your Promise, Our Goal” is the Asociacion Demografica Costarricense (Demographic Association of Costa Rica), a member of IPPF Western Hemisphere. IPPF is an international abortion provider, which aggressively promotes an international right to abortion, and they use contraceptive as a first-step towards acceptance of abortion services.

What is most disturbing about this campaign is that it targets young girls for a lifestyle that is anything but butterfly nets, green grass, and sunny days. Young girls should be pursuing education and learning about responsibility, not engaging in sexual activity, worrying about their right to a condom, and the need for abortions if the condoms/contraceptives don’t work.

Costa Ricans concerned about this agenda to sexualize their children should remember that parents are the ones who have the primary right teach their kids about sexuality. It’s not about refusing to talk about sex, its about putting it in the proper context of parenthood and responsibility. They should also expose the so-called Demographic Association for their youth sexualization agenda.




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