NEA and Isis Try Hiding the UN Sex Talk Evidence

Posted on | March 11, 2011 by Tyler Ament |

Recently, C-FAM did a story on how the NEA encouraged the UN to teach perverse sexuality to kids, and how they think it should be mandatory for American middle and high schoolers. Today, there is evidence that they are trying to cover up the evidence in the wake of C-FAM’s story. Fortunately, they are a step behind, and C-FAM has the evidence.

Before the story was published the Isis site worked fine, and the CSW 55 page allowed anyone to download the audio from the talk, or listen to it. After the story, the website was “broken”, and today, there’s no link to the audio, and the description of Diane’s talk is different. Now if there’s nothing wrong with what she said, why all the extra work to make it disappear? If this is something that should not be optional for middle and high school students, why not proclaim it unabashedly?

Here are some shots of the Isis site’s description of Diane Schneider’s talk before and after the story. See the Isis and NEA naughty behavior on the Isis website.

Download the audio that they pulled from the site here.

Read the original story that C-FAM broke here.



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