The EU lobbies itself on gay rights: is ILGA-Europe an “unofficial” EU Agency??

Posted on | December 1, 2011 by J.C. von Krempach, J.D. |

ILGA is an international gay rights lobby, which organises all the major “Gay Pride” manifestations around the world and promotes an extremist agenda (full recognition of same-sex marriage everywhere around the globe, adoption rights for gay people, social benefits to reward being gay, gagging order legislation against possible opponents such as Christians and Muslims….). Very notoriously, the self-described “human rights advocacy group” was several times denied accreditation consultative status at the UN ECOSOC, given that several of its Members openly promoted the legalisation of pedosexuality.

The EU clearly is less critical about the organisation, which appears to be one of its dearest pets.

I have looked into the financing granted by the European Commission to ILGA-Europe between 2007 and 2011. The result: from 2007 to 2010 ILGA received from the Commission the total amount of EUR 4.107.457,12, i.e. more than 1 million per annum.

The major part of it results from a programme called PROGRESS, which is run by the Commission’s Directorate General for Employment and Social Affairs. It is a bulk grant: ILGA just hands in its “Annual Work Programme” for each year and receives 85% (!) of the cost indicated. This is in excess of the (already exceptionally high) plafond of 80% that is normally applied under the PROGRESS programme. It means that ILGA receives funds from the EU for projects for which they use hardly any funds of their own. And indeed, the money is not granted for any specific project, but can be used for whatever ILGA believes might serve the purpose of “fighting social exclusion.

To verify, just follow this link to the Commission’s grant database and you will find a search mask. In the field “beneficiary” type “INTERNATIONAL LESBIAN AND GAY ASSOCIATION”.

In order to put this into a context, note that the amount of 1 million Euro can be used to pay a very decent salary to 20 full-time employees. In a vacancy note, published in 2009, ILGA Europe searched for a new Executive Director. In that note, it was indicated that the ILGA Head Office in Brussels had a staff of 12 and an annual budget of 1.9 million. (follow this link: you find the vacancy note in Euro Letter 170 at p. 5)

In other words: 50% of the ILGA total budget (or 80-85% of their operations budget) seem to stem directly from the European Commission, the rest (as they equally indicate) from George Soros, the Sigrid Rausing Trust, the Tides Foundation. It is not discernible that they receive any funding from those whom they claim to represent. It appears to be a puppet organisation in the hand of a very small group of donors, of which the Commission is the most important one.

Is this really a “non-governmental” organisation, or part of “civil society”? Or is it an inofficial EU Agency? (The somewhat more subtle LGBT-lobbying of the EU Fundamental Rights Agency obviously isn’t enough…)

We might call it political ventriloquism: through this “advocacy group”, the Commission speaks to itself…



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