The European Commission’s sock-puppet: should ILGA-Europe lose its consultative status at ECOSOC?

Posted on | December 16, 2011 by J.C. von Krempach, J.D. |

In a recent post, I informed that the gay/lesbian advocacy group ILGA-Europe, which is the most virulent pro-sodomy lobby in Europe, received more than 50% of its funding from the European Commission.

Additional information found on the organization’s website shows that this was an understatement. Actually the contribution of the European Commission was 68,7% in 2011. If the 50.000 Euro grant from the Dutch government is added to this, the quota of budget funding stemming directly from the pockets of unaware tax-payers rises to 71%. The remainder of the ILGA-Europe budget stems from three wealthy individuals, namely George Soros, Sigrid Rausing, and an anonymous donor.

There is no trace of any significant financial support from the gays and lesbians whom ILGA-Europe claims to represent.

A review of the organization’s budget forecast for 2012 reveals the following:

Total Income: 1.950.000 Euro
European Commission Grant: 1.017.055 Euro
Dutch Government Grant: 334.000 Euro
Donations from Sigrid Rausing Trust, Open Society Institute (George Soros), and one anonymous donor: 489.945 Euro

The total funding from public authorities (European Commission and Dutch Government) thus amounts to 69,2% of the organization’s total income.

If, as must be expected, ILGA-Europe manages to secure a further grant from the European Commission’s Directorate General for External Aid under the EIDHR programme (the grant request is for 384 000 euros per year, for a period of 3 years), the organization’s total budget for 2012 will become 2 334 000€, of which 74,3% are provided for by public authorities. Truly impressive for a self-described “non-governmental organisation”.

This raises questions with regard to ILGA-Europes accreditation at the UN Economic and Social Committee. Among the requirements for NGOs that seek such consultative status at the UN one is that “the major portion of the organization’s funds should be derived from contributions from national affiliates, individual members, or other non-governmental components”.

It appears that, when ILGA-Europe was (despite serious concerns over its links to groups that openly advocate the legalisation of pedophilia) granted consultative status in 2006, nobody found it worthwhile to look into the organization’s finances. Nor did anyone care to enquire whether this “NGO” really was non-governmental.



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