Beijing Women + 20

Posted on | March 9, 2012 by Wendy Wright |

Hillary Clinton at Beijing Women's Conference

Women, get your marching boots on! The UN may hold an international women’s conference in 2015 — 20 years after the infamous Beijing Women’s Conference.


Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and Quatar Ambassador Nassir Abdulaziz Al- Nasser introduced the proposal yesterday on International Women’s Day. It will go to the General Assembly for approval, which concludes in mid-September, and likely be known as Beijing Plus 20.


The 1995 Beijing Women’s Conference was the global feminist fest where then-First Lady Hillary Clinton distinguished women from human beings by claiming “Women’s rights are human rights.” Or, more accurately, she and her tribe tried to establish abortion as a human right, and expand sex to “five genders” since male and female are not enough.


Every special interest group will want their issue covered, since virtually every issue known to man impacts women.


Youth, particularly young women, “would add an important dimension that was not properly reflected at earlier conferences,” the UN officials’ joint statement declared.


Beijing was the fourth world conference on women, but the most notable. A fifth conference was considered for 2005, the tenth anniversary of the Beijing conference. But European leaders and feminists feared that the U.S., under President George W. Bush, would hinder any expansion of rights or attempts to create a backdoor to sneak through new-fangled fabricated rights.


The director of UNFPA was quick to jump on board. Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin pledged, ”UNFPA will contribute to its success with dedication. Women and girls hold tremendous potential and, we will continue championing their health and rights, especially their right to sexual and reproductive health.”






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