Incredible: UK Public Authority wants to prohibit God from healing the sick!

Posted on | February 29, 2012 by J.C. von Krempach, J.D. |

It doesn’t really fit with the theme of this blog, but I thought I should not withhold from our readers this precious newest gem of anti-religious bigotry: in the UK, a public authority wants to prohibit Christians to state the basic Christian belief that God can heal physical illnesses!!! (Supposedly only doctors can heal illnesses, and even they are not always successful…) The addressees of the injunction, a multiconfessional group of Christians from Bath, Somerset, who had been regularly praying for the public outside Bath Abbey for three years running and offered to pray for people who are sick to receive healing, were told by the British Standards Authority to stop declaring and making public, whether in an open or covert way, the fact that people can be physically healed thank to their prayers, “because such statements could mislead vulnerable people to believe that prayer could heal them of something as serious as cancer”.

N.B.: according to Christian belief, it is not prayer that heals, but it is God, who, listening to the prayers of the faithful, may or may not heal, according to what he decides is best for all persons involved. Thus, nobody says that “prayer heals”, but what all Christians believe is that God has the power to heal. And this is indeed a central tenet of the Christian faith. If God were not even able to heal illnesses, how would He be able to create the universe, or to raise His son from the dead? Such a god would not be God.

I just wonder what the Standards Authority would do if miraculous healings were known to occur in Bath, like it is reported from Lourdes. Would they send a letter to Lambeth Palace, telling the Archbishop that this must stop? Or would they issue a decree that God must stop healing people?

Next year still possible?

In any case, the next logical step would probably to tell Catholic dioceses to immediately stop organizing pilgrimages to Lourdes, given that some vulnerable people might believe that they could actually be healed there. And the next step thereafter would be to issue a general ban against all and every religious faith.

As Andrea Minichiello Williams, CEO of “Christian Concern” put it:

“This decision strikes at the heart of freedom of belief in the United Kingdom. Will we be told that telling people their sins are forgiven, or that you can go to heaven, breaches advertising standards next? Will all Christian websites and leaflets now be liable to these types of complaints? Is all Christian doctrine now going to be ruled as misleading by the Authority?”

Read the full story here.



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