ILGA Europe: we are not the only sock puppets!

Posted on | January 26, 2012 by J.C. von Krempach, J.D. |

In view of growing public attention to the fact that taxpayers’ money is being used to fund more than 70% of the budget ILGA Europe, a gay lobby with close links to organizations promoting pedophilia, the organization has now reacted by putting on its website a comprehensive statement on how it is funded.

That statement confirms what we have reported in previous posts (which is no wonder, given that all our information stemmed from documents found on ILGA’s own website). However, the lobby group provides no justification for its claim to be a “non-governmental organization”, nor does it explain how it meets the standards for ECOSOC consultative status. On the contrary, it pretends that it is normal for NGOs to run on taxpayers’ money.

The relationship with its funders is characterized in the following way:

ILGA-Europe always seeks financial support from funders whose priorities match ILGA-Europe’s own priorities as identified and defined by LGBTI organisations in Europe in the organisation’s Strategic Plan. In practice, ILGA-Europe does not adjust its objectives to match those of a funding institution. ILGA-Europe currently receives financial support from its donors for work defined by its membership and which is in line with its strategic plan.

In other words: they are not, as we have commented in one of our previous posts, the European Commission’s sock puppet, but they believe to be the tail that wags the dog. “LGBTI organizations in Europe” define a strategy that just happens to coincide with the political priorities of the European Commission and George Soros, which is why those funders are so generous in providing money.

After all, there is no reason to be ashamed of being a fake “NGO” if you are not the only one. As ILGA points out:

“… its funding, governance structure and activities are comparable to other similar organisations, such as the European Disability Forum, European Network against Racism, the European Youth Forum, the AGE Platform and the European Women’s Lobby.”

Now, that is indeed a useful bit of information. Although those other organizations are not quite as candid about their finances as ILGA, their status as sock puppets clearly transpires from statements made on their own websites:

The European Women’s Lobby (EWL), for example, informs us that:

For the year of 2011, the EWL’s core budget is €1.097.094,94. The EWL receives 83% of this amount as a grant fromt the European Commission under the PROGRESS programme. The remaining 17% is made up of membership fees and other independent sources of funding.

And on the website of the European Youth Forum we read:

78.8% of the total income for 2009 came from the European Communities’ budget through a grant from DG Education and Culture, while around 3,9% was from Council of Europe grants.”

Quite unsurprisingly, the policy agenda of those two groups is similar to that promoted by ILGA. As one can easily see from their recent policy statements on abortion, LGBT rights, or gender quotas, EWF is not really representative of women in general, but rather of radical feminists, the abortion lobby, and gender-mainstreaming ideologues. Women not sharing these controversial positions will not feel represented by this self-styled “NGO”, which is the EU’s preferred interlocutor on women’s issues.

It appears that the European Commission lives in a civil society of its own making. Do they sometimes also speak to real citizens???



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