Lesbian TV Hostess Announces Pregnancy, Engagement

Posted on | March 27, 2013 by Wendy Wright |

This morning a TV news hostess announced her engagement to her colleague, a female reporter, and her pregnancy. Their confusion over the facts of life (that it takes a man to create a child) constructs a pretend world that everyone else is supposed to validate.

NBC’s Jenna Wolfe revealed she’s been dating foreign correspondent Stephanie Gosk for 3 years. Jenna is pregnant with a girl. The two women are engaged.

NY Daily News reports “The pair have been talking about family planning for some time, but at first had some trouble conceiving.”

Uhh, yes. Maybe they missed that lesson in sex ed.

“We were constantly on the road, juggling a thousand balls at once,” Wolfe told People mag. “It’s a miracle we got it all together.”

NewsFlash: It doesn’t matter where the two women are located. They still can’t conceive a baby together.

File this as a turning point when we are all expected to extol the Emperor’s new clothes – and pretend fathers are unnecessary.



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